Monday Monday Ba Da dadada


It’s the first Monday I’ve had off since August of 2011.

Well. Not counting the holiday break…but I’m pretty sure I was into my wine every single day of that break so…we’ll just count this.

Online classes begin today and I’m still a little awkward with it, figuring out who what when where, but I think it’s going to be fantastic. I already wish I was in a facetoface class with several of the students and my Prof. Oh well. If wishes were dimes…right?

Grades are due tomorrow. Anxiously awaiting that little letter of validation.

I’ve done nothing but read trash these last few days. I love that. Not apologetic about it one teensy little bit. Today, I’ll finish some laundry, do some banking, pay some bills, plant my tomatos and…I’m pretty sure I can do all of the above without putting on any kind of underwear. That’s my goal for the day.

Also, lookie here! I’ve got photographic evidence of my Listen To Your Mother performance!

In the Green Room

The Cast

My Turn

My People


Not The Chicken Dance

All photos by Megan Clemence Photgraphy

Happy Monday, Ya’ll.

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6 Responses to Monday Monday Ba Da dadada

  1. Cindy says:

    Those pictures are lovely. I also have one of you sticking your arm out all wonky. It just hasn’t made it to flickr (yet).

  2. Misti says:

    I’m pretty sure these photos make me want to lighten my hair more.

  3. Kathy says:

    These pics are fabulous! (And I agree with Chrome!!)

  4. Misti says:

    Ok, then it’s just me feeling blah. Thank you! Love you all!

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