Three more weeks. Two more of the semester, then finals week.

Can you guys believe I’m almost finished with my second semester of This Grad School Thing? How did THAT happen???

This weekend has been a series of great things and blessings.

The majority of my state survived all the tornados this weekend. Woodward got hit pretty hard with injury and 5 deaths. My heart goes out to that town. I’ve got clients who live there…

My house, my neighbors, friends, families’ houses didn’t sustain damage from wind or hail or rain so that’s a huge relief.

I spent time with the family, and though it was hectic (my sis and b-i-l are closing on their new home as I type so their everything is packed and their just chomping at the bit to get moving) and full of coughing (mom’s had that upper respiratory gunk we’ve all fought this year) it’s been nice. I wish I could stay here this week and help paint and move.

I did get a paper written while I was here. Everything that is due this week is written and just needs to be printed and stapled. I also got my reading for tonight finished.

It’s time to get up, get showered and get on the road and I just don’t WANNA!!!!! gah.

How was your weekend?

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One Response to Monday…Monday!!!

  1. Cindy says:

    You always make the most of your time. I love that the Listen To Your Mother thing is giving an extra family time opportunity.

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