Smarty Pants


I’m feeling better. Not great enough to blaze the town tonight with my PseudoSisters, but better. I can breathe through at least one side of my nose. Huzzuah!

I got my undergrad transcript yesterday and WHEW! I graduated with a 3.02 gpa. That’s fine and dandy. That final semester though was a bitch apparently. The only thing I made an A in was pottery class. Seriously. I remember being burnt and dealing with the crumbling marriage and doing several shows. Apparently one thing I did NOT do was class/homework. At least I passed.

I now proceed to fill out the application for grad school. I’ll do it this weekend. I wonder if I need letters of rec or if those come later? Huh. More investigating.

Happy Friday, ya’ll. It’s going to be a gloriously sunshiny day here in the plains. That’s enough to make me say Halakalaeem!

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2 Responses to Smarty Pants

  1. Mary says:

    Just want you to know how much I enjoy your writing. (Thank you Lent!!!!)
    Your writing is like Pioneer Woman-you paint such a real picture of yourself, with words that let me see the person behind the words.

    love you!

  2. Talaura says:

    Glad you’re feeling better.
    What program in grad school are you applying for, I wonder.

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