this is me. only not as graceful. and add tears.

I’ve hit the wall.
I’m tired.
My wrists hurt.
My knee hurts.
Last night’s workout felt like my left ovary was being ripped from my body and still hurts today.
I couldn’t manage all of the jumping this morning. I did what I could.
I don’t want to get hurt. I have no health insurance.
I cried when I got into my car to drive home in the rain.
I could cry right now.
I have zero appointments today. zero.
I’m going to salon education at my new salon this morning. Product Knowledge class. I’m gearing up for it.

if I get to work, and nothing comes my way (which since I gave my notice I dont get any walkins or alternates) Im coming home to work. I’m going to paint the walls that need it, and dive into getting the house ready for a roommate.

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3 Responses to Flop

  1. Kizz says:

    Glad you’ve got a plan for the day that’s productive so you don’t have to stew in the unfairness. Love you!

  2. Misti says:

    Yeah. I think having a plan is good. Its not really unfair that I dont get walkins or alternates…it makes good business sense for the salon to keep those clients…but fuck around this month is shitty as it is…blargh.

  3. Chris says:

    It’s still early in the game. Just hang in there another week. You can do this. *Hugs*

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