Rattle and Hum

We’ve all known that my cats (Sammy in particular) has a penchant for killing. This week, I heard the last squawks of a pretty pretty cardinal and had to clean up the mess BEFORE I went to work…ENOUGH! Collars and bells for EVERYONE!!!

Why don’t you keep collars on your cats you ask? Well. They get rid of them. They last for a few days, then poof. They come home sans jewelry. One month, I spent 40 bucks keeping them in collars. Finally I threw up my hands and said Fuggadaboutit.

We are trying it again.

Upside is, third day in a row and all three still wearing them. NO BIRDS!!! dead or alive in my house.

Downside? The one woman tamboruine band at the head of my bed where Kikimama has taken up residence each night. For the love….finally about 4am I just pushed her off the bed. Santas sleigh constantly in my ears. Couldn’t go back to sleep, as my brain IMMEDIATLY started with The List.

“contractors: roofer, painter, guttering…send in reciepts for grill…do I replace the umbrella or buy the hammock? what am I going to make and take for lunch tomorrow? am I really going to finish that book I started last night? It’s not doing it for me”

rattle and hum.

I was asking Hawk just yesterday…how did we become Those People? The ones that are wound so tight that the voices and the lists and the guilt make it almost impossible to even at the minimun…get a good nights sleep??? Seriously. If I ever get a vacation…it will take me the first three days to just chill out before I can enjoy anything! Sheesh. Just amazing.

So now, I’m sippin my coffee. I always feel a little bit of accomplishment when I set it up to automatically finish making by the time I wake up. I have a fairly busy day. 9-8 so it’s a long one. I’ll take a break this afternoon and try to remember to go across the street to the mall and pick up my contacts that have been at the dr.’s office for a month now…maybe run an errand or two.

In wrapping up, today is Laura’s Birthday!!! Wahoooo! Happy Happy Happy day to you my dear girl. Enjoy Chicago. Enjoy Michigan Avenue. Enjoy all of it!!!

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3 Responses to Rattle and Hum

  1. Cindy says:

    I’d like to say that the mental list making goes away when you start a daily meditation practice, but it doesn’t. Some times I find myself organizing my day while doing my meditation. I’m lucky enough that lately at work, I stop moving for about 15 minutes during the day so that by bedtime the only thing I can do is sleep.

    Chin up!

  2. Chris says:

    I’m going to suggest cow bells for the cats.

  3. laura says:

    Thanks Misti! LOVED Chicago but I miss all you guys so much : )

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