Gleefull Evolution

Last night was a great night celebrating a co-worker’s birth. We went out to one of our lakeside restaurants, sat on the patio since that was the only way all 12 or so of us could sit together…we smothered and sweated and laughed and ate until we could absolutely eat no more…stuffed poblano peppers, crusty skillet cornbread, roasted chicken enchiladas, crisp house salads, grilled shrimp…my end of the table just pretended we were family and started snacking and tasting everyone else’s plate…it was hysterical! The evening ended with a spectacular sunset over the lake and homemade carrot cake with creme cheese icing! Whew! SO FREAKIN GOOD!

The Birthday Girl was happy, she looked fabulous, we feted her with pretty presents for her trip this week…it was good. The only fly in the ointment was…


This was a birthday celebration, and two girls just thought it was a night out to balls it right up! Slugging down cocktails. Talking to the loner man at the bar, accepting free drinks, then wondering what the hell he’s doing when he plops down at our table and trys to join the party. It was embarrassing. It was loud. It was unnecessary…At one point we were all trying to ignore the weirdo at the table and murmuring sweet compliments about how nice it was to get out together, someone said “why don’t we do this more often?”


Gross. Gross undignified behavior.

At one point one girl moseys over to a table of three men, and starts chatting them up. Clearly this is headed south. Oh and by the way? That girl? MARRIED. The other girl? IN A RELATIONSHIP.

GROSS BEHAVIOR. Have we not evolved? Can we not just go out, have A glass of wine and dinner and be civilized? MUST we unleash our inner fuckwit???

I left early. I was running out of patience and was so full I just needed to be horizontal on the couch. Glee finished it’s first season last night with an ALL JOURNEY performance! And tears…woah and woah the tears! It was good. I went to bed and finished this book:

I’ve been plowing through the summer reading and I’m LOVING IT!!! I saw this at Big Lots yesterday

it was 99 bones. I could have that in the yard, laying out and reading…

it’s on the wish list.

Other things on my wish list? For women to quit setting ourselves back a gillion years by working that “flirt flirt buy me a drink” thing.¬† For the rain to come early in the week and leave the weekend alone. . . and for your humpday to be full of a bit of joy and a really great laugh.

Here’s a little Glee for your day. MUAH!

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3 Responses to Gleefull Evolution

  1. Kizz says:

    Sometimes I guess your inner fuckwit just chews through the leash and takes off down the street after any old broke down pick up truck.

    So glad I wasn’t the only one WEEPING through Glee last night. There was not a lot of love for the ep on the internet. I was sad about that. I mean, yeah, he oversold the speech about loving the OCD teacher so it got a little klunky when he hit the wall at the end but other than that it was satisfying and solid and I can’t wait for them to come back!

  2. Chrome says:

    Remember that time in Indiana when the hammock broke? That was a really good laugh.
    I flirted with the freight elevator operator today so he would take me to the 16th floor and key me into the nice bathroom so that I wouldn’t have to use the nasty construction worker bathroom. Does that count as gross behavior? Gosh, I hope not. I just said please and thank you with a smile.

  3. Misti says:

    honey…we can buy our own drinks. a clean bathroom? TOTALLY worth whoring ourselves out for! good for you sister.

    the ep…well the entire last part of the season really isn’t holding water plot-wise but you know what? i love this show. it doesn’t have to hold water. I dont care.

    i want the music from this last part. that somewhere over the rainbow…killed.

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