Friday File

Did the BF Workout again last night. Feels good. More Jabber-Walking. There was lots to discuss as Gert got a JOB!!! I’m not going to spill too many of the details here, as it really is her story to tell, her time to shine. But I’m just soooo proud of her! Lot’s of new beginnings!

So we talked about that, talked about what that will mean for our working out schedule. We’re really up in the air at this point until she gets in there and get’s her schedule. I’m not worried about it a bit. Everything will fall into place. In that vein, I have lots of good feelings for PseudoSis1, who’s got some fabulous opportunities on the verge in her life…feels like it’s the time for things to fall into place.

I sent my escrow payment in the mail this morning! Huzzuah! Halakaleem! I’m happy for that…

along with that payment went my chance to attend BlogHer in NYC this summer with Kizz and Cindy. I had hoped, hoped, had a smidge of a hope that things would fall into place. Even though tickets were sold out, bla bla bla. Well, I got the email yesterday. The waiting list had opened up. I had 72 hours. Well shitthebed. Sorry, I just mailed my ticket to the escrow account. Ohhhhhhhh frack.

I was pretty sad, and still am, but I have a peace about this trip…and my lack of participation in it. I think Cindy is supposed to have this time along in NYC. First trip. Time with Chrome. Hope to hook her up with a meet and greet with Kizz. The two of them, and their cameras? Awesome.

I started shopping around for some new gym shoes. I need some. The ones I have now are hand me downs from my sis. I looked at two places yesterday and while there were good ones at decent prices I didn’t love the way they looked. Of course, gym shoes in a size 10 are rarely nice to look at. And I have this thing…I noticed it during the run of the show this past spring. It’s on my right food, right above my heel. and it’s a big…knot…of sorts. It hurts. I try to stretch it every day…that seems to help. Anyways, I know I need to get that looked at…oy.

Made a big batch of tabouli last night and bought some veggie and chicken kababs for the grill…turns out? that little grill is over it. Dunzo. I thought it was lack of juice, but I refilled the tank two weeks ago. When I was with Ex-Him, we got that grill from his kid’s then boyfriend, now husband. At his apartment complex, the dude next door moved out and left it. It’s little. And cheap. And was free. And has served me well these last 6 or so years. But damn. Another thing broken????

Embrace the Shitstorm!!!

Tonight is dinner with parental units. Mom and Burl are coming in to decorate the graves a week early so I will get to see them tonight, then bang their hair tomorrow, so that will be awesome. I have a bar shift tomorrow night that for once, will be saved not for the escrow account! Ha!!! (shoes? computer? c/card debt? grill? what else?)

This weekend it’s going to be sunny! 80’s! Beautiful! I’m going to re-plant my garden. Re-work some of my plants. Hope for the best back there that it will dry out…lord but it’s muddy back there. gah.

Ok kids. I’m refilling my coffee and gearing up for a day! Happy Friday ya’ll.

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2 Responses to Friday File

  1. Cindy says:

    OK. I’m sad that you’re not going too, but I’m good. You’re right that I need to do this on my own. It will be fine and good and awesome and I’ll meet Kizz so I won’t be completely alone at the conference. It will be great!


  2. Chrome says:

    Y’all all stop being sad.

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