Do Overs.

Yesterday marked the beginning of Operation Best Friend Workout. We met in the middle…about 15/20 minutes drive for us from either way and jumped in. The gym is one that many of our mutual friends go to, and it’s nice. Unassuming. No meat market vibe. Small enough but pleanty of equipment. PseudoSis2 got us week passes to try it but I think we’re both ready to join. We just did about 45 minutes of cardio, but ya know what? It was more than we did the day/week/month before so we felt good. Jabber-walking. Mouths flapping, getting caught up on life…we’re at a deficit and just gobbling up time with each other. It’s a good thing…we both want to live long long lives, full of experiences and travel to fun places. NOLA. Italy. Wine Country. And we don’t want to do it fat and unhealthy with bad skin.


My garden sustained muy damago from Sunday’s hail storm. LAWD, but we are under seige by roofing companies in The Villiage…I have a STACK of cupons and flyers and door knob hanging thingys…sheesh. Anywoo, Bonusmom brought me some new babies. New peppers. New tomato and one GINORMOUS tomato that she dug out of her own garden to bring to me. Please, God, please let me help it to live and produce!


Today’s weather? Stormy. Rainy. I’ve moved the plants to safety. But this afternoon, around 4pm things are allegedly going to get bad again. Storms. Hail. Tornados possible.


DO OVER…hoping for an easy ride though.

I’m off to get ready. I have class this morning and trying to wait for my pants to dry…otherwise it’s a last minute costume change for me. Hope you Normals are enjoying a fabulous Hump Day. Almost over, for ya! It’s kind of moved fast, eh? yes.

Huzzuah and Halakaleem and I love George Clooney.

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3 Responses to Do Overs.

  1. Gert says:

    I love George because you love George. I like copying you. Remember copying! Adolescence. You get older and you realize… hey! Copying is great, good, wonderful! So everyday you want, call, summon… I will be there for you. Come rain, shine or tornado. We’ll get healthy. Mind, body and spirit. And we’ll strengthen the bonds so long ago forged when I fell for you in the 8th grade… when I wanted so badly to copy you and wear banana yellow flats.
    Here’s to friendship!
    And to you… FW day 1, check!

  2. Misti says:

    yes. to all of that.
    I picked this George because well. He’s ready for Tornado season. Scuba gear and cocktail.
    what more does one need?

  3. Cindy says:

    I bet the garden is just as resilient as you are.

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