Brains and Clots and Clouds and Love and Grateful Friday.

MGirl is sick. There’s a lot of details about how she got to this point in the journey, ambulance rides, hour long waits in an emergency room, phone calls, family drama, catscans…but push come to shove and the bottom line is she has what the doctors feel strongly is a brain clot. I mean, a blood clot in her brain area. And they believe it’s torn…There have been catscans, andiagrams, MRI’s. We’ll know more today, but she’s in ICU at Mercy Hospital here in OKC.

We’re all pulling together to visit, and take things. Her parents drove in at 3am from Tulsa so they’re here. It’s really really really scary. I’ve been playing go-between as the information center, which I am HAPPY to do. But my phone has just blown smooth up. And thank goodness for social networking and technology…it’s just kind of nuts.

I’ve been kind of anti-social for awhile now, and that’s fine, I do that every so often. But seeing my friend so tiny and pale in the ICU with all the beeps and the bops and the icks…I am SO GRATEFUL that she is where she is under constant supervision. I am so grateful that we live in such an age of advanced medicine. She’s pretty scared and freaked out about how her life will have to be lived from this point on…lots of change coming her way and…oh yea…she doesn’t have insurance.

We’re planning to help out with that and I’ll give details here when they come…but for the love…do NOT get me started on the insurance…

She’s going to be ok. Thank GOD, she didn’t die. We are reminded today how fragile life is, and how it can turn on a dime…let’s all of us life today with a full heart and no matter how shitty it is remember that we could just as easily lose it…

I’m grateful for you. All of you. I’m not going to talk about how my feet are tired and how busy this week has been and how it’s going to be nuts thru Monday…I’m just going to say HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

go getcha a cuppa joe and CHEERS!

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3 Responses to Brains and Clots and Clouds and Love and Grateful Friday.

  1. Chrome says:

    I will not allow any tests, poking, or prodding around her voicebox, because the world would be quite a duller place without her laugh.

  2. Cindy says:

    Ugh….Scary. The important thing is that she’s going to be OK. She’s going to be OK.

  3. Kizz says:

    I thought that was the dealio on insurance. Let me know where to send $$, please.

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