Mid-Week Bla

This is the third morning I’ve been up and at-em to attend a class…Vidal Sassoon was here Monday and Tuesday, and while I didn’t have the thousand plus dollars to attend the four day intense hands-on stuff, I did fork over 60 bucks to watch demo’s for two days. This morning is our salon education…sigh. It’s good. I need motivation. . . because all I want to do is stay in bed. Seriously. My give-a-shit is so low right now…

At bible study last night, we’re starting a new study and I’m excited about it but nothing really to report yet, all the girls were talking about summer trips. Costa Rica. Hawaii and California. Mission trip to Brazil. Beach. Chicago…every single girl. So I kind of got depressed about that. I’m traveling to Canadian County to work every weekend, and while I’m super duper ridiculous happy about that job…I would love a week in NYC. or Chicago. Even to take a class for work! Or just a week on the beach? sigh. just to relax..but maybe next year. Maybe. I’m grateful and oh so thankful that I had the $ to pay for the plumbing issues, and that we an all flush in peace…but still.

just a wee little pity party. and next year perhaps a really great vacation. a belated 40th birthday present to myself…perhaps.


brush it off. figure it out. move right along. look forward to some fun with friends this summer, cookouts and maybe some progress in the backyard.

right now, I’ve gotta giddyup and get my learning brain on and get this day started.

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3 Responses to Mid-Week Bla

  1. Chris says:

    Small steps. Did you ever get your passport?

  2. Cindy says:

    I love BBQs in your backyard. Email me the CO-OP list when you get it.

  3. no chris but i did get the papers to send off to get my birth certificate so that’s a step. gotta get that in the mail. and Cindy, I should get the list tomorrow sometime and will forward!

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