This is the second morning that I’ve had a live freakin bird in my house when I wake up.

A few days ago, I’d heard some scuffling in the night. I did what I normally do and closed my door and wished it well…fully expecting to clean it up (or for Austin to clean it up) the next morning. Well, I ease out, setting my internal gross out level to “steady” and I find nothing! Nada! Zip. Bupkiss. I’m over in the corner of my dining room area and all of a sudden there’s movement above my head and something drizzling down the mirror….gearghhhhh….bleah.

there’s a bird sitting on the mirror. pooping. and proceeds to flying in my living room. I immediatly open the front and back doors and go lock myself in the bathroom lest it starts to beat down on me, and I just don’t want to watch the cats try to eat it…but Kikimama successfully chases it out of the house into the backyard and Whew! Done.

This morning, I stumble in and feed the cats. Sammy is talking, meowing which should clue me in because he’s the strong silent type. I open the moist and go to throw the containers in the trash and HOLY SHIT THERE’S A BIRD SITTING ON THE FLOOR BEHIND THE TRASH CAN!!! Seriously. Kikimama just goes over and sits nose to beak with this thing. Yes. I took pictures. As I type, said bird has a jacked up wing, and is hanging out over by the buffett/lamp area. I’m just hoping it’ll hop out one of the doors…

I guess we’re not killing things in this house anymore. And while I applaud the cat’s newfound sense of civility…COME ON GUYS!!!

The backyard is leveled and ready to get grass!!! and a garden!!! I’m so happy with this and soooo happy that this job was a hired one. Watching the three guys work yesterday…ugh. That’s some hard work. Harder work than I want to do! So now we’re onto the next steps! I’m going to go get a little seed and some fertalizer because it’s supposed to rain this weekend….

That’s about it from here…Happy Happy Happy Day to you all. May it be blessed and bird-free.

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4 Responses to birdsbirdsbirds

  1. Misti says:

    the bird has left the building, btw.

  2. Kizz says:

    Do you feel like you’re living in that episode of Friends where the pigeon flies into Monica & Rachel’s apartment?

  3. Cindy says:

    I was hoping you’d keep the bird.

  4. Gertrude says:

    I’m coming Birdie.
    Gawd sister.
    I’d have had a full heart attack.

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