Back At It

It was a whirlwind weekend. I’m exhausted frankly…but soaked up lots of time with the fam and that was good. Everyone got fresh hair and that always makes for feeling better. We even got some girl pampering time with pedicures! Amazing!

Mom took a tumble down her stairs yesterday though and jacked up her back…say a prayer that she’s on the mend quickly…

this week is a full one. I’ve got to get the errands done that usually I do on Monday…few groceries, laundry etc. I’m getting the yard leveled and grated hopefully tomorrow. then it’s time to plant the garden and move onward with my projects back there. the house still needs getting in order. After Austin moved in last week, then I was gone for the long weekend…it’s a little out of control. I start my second job bartending for weddings this weekend, so that’s awesome…

anyways, my brain is still mushy so I’m heading for more coffee and to get ready for the workweek. Hopefully it will be full of clients, yet gentle.

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  1. Chris says:

    Drink coffee, and plenty of it.

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