Grateful Friday: Finding My Place

Oh Friday, once again. First full week with the time change. I usually don’t have problems with this change, but I find myself struggling to get to bed before 11, and not having any desire to get out of bed. Ever. Perhaps it’ll get better this weekend. I’ll nap less and get back on a good night schedule.

It’s a touch of depression…which is usual for me when I finish a magical show. This core group of people that I’ve been thrown together with and spend every single night for 6 weeks, then every weekend with for a month..POOF! Gone. And that is a struggle. It’s life, and it’s definitely a road that I’ve been down before. We choose who we keep and who we don’t and it all shakes out in the end. . . we find our place in each others lives.

It’s also  been tough reacclimating myself into a social circle. It feels as if it’s closed off to me, and I’m having difficulty finding my place back in it. Perhaps I don’t need to be back in it? Perhaps I am really missing it.  I am focused on saving money, working on my home, and working the second job so I can honestly see that I’m the one that has moved away from it…I dont have sufficient words to explain it here. We’ll let it mull a bit longer…Either way…it’ll shake out in the end.

Speaking of the second gig, the wedding bartending, I got my schedule yesterday. WOOOO HOOOO!!!! I’m on deck this Saturday, then off for two weeks for Easter and a trip to Arkansas, then the rest of April, then every weekend in May! I’m squirreling this away, and paying bills with it too. I want to find my place in my finances…really get a grip on my spending and saving and paying off stuff…It’s going to be a great wedding season!!!

Speaking of season…it’s 70’s in the forecast today. Tomorrow? haaaaa haaaa haaaaa haaaa HAAAAA!!!. Well. Let me just show you. “they” are saying it’s comparable to the Christmas Eve Blizzard. I’ll be working in El Reno Saturday night…sigh. I’m sad for that bride. Seriously. I hope they go to a warm place for a honeymoon.

Tonight, Chris and Cindy are coming over and we’re making sweet potato black bean chili and cornbread! MMMMMM!!! Perhaps a movie as well. I love me a low key Friday!

Hope yours is smooth and easy, and that you are finding your place today.

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