Grateful Friday

As we come to the end of our run of Love Song, I’ve been asked over and over if I’m sad. . . do I get sad when a show closes?

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate goodbyes. I’ve cried at any sort of ending all of my life. But time, and age and dare I say maturity, err wisdom, the lyrics to a Semisonic song has taught me that every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. That without the closing of this beautiful experience, we will never get to our next beautiful experience.

This has been a beautiful experience. I was sooooo stressed about the lines. (seriously. all that is SCRIPTED!) And I was worried about the meshing of the personalities. (lotta personality in this little cast) and my lesson that I shall take from this ride is to really Really REALLY try not to worry. I know we’ve got a “good little show” I hear it in the audience every night. I feel it in my heart…and to be a part of bringing this story of love–familial love, batshitcrazy love, old love, shiny new love, awkward and unconditional love–to be able to bring this story alive…well. I am Grateful with a capital G.

I had a client in my chair yesterday who just found out that she will be losing her 82 year old mother to cancer. An old high school friend just lost his father two days ago. Christy just lost her mom a mere few months ago. My sweet sweet Darci, and Delbert are experiencing the anniversaries of the death of a parent…I spoke the words with Delbert, I spoke them here in fact, that we are all too young to be burying parents. And yesterday, I thought…well. We are ALL too young to bury a parent. And my client and I cried as she said to me what an honor it was to be with her mother through this last part of her journey. And we cried as she listed off the struggles she’s personally overcome in her life to say that THIS is the hardest thing she has ever done. And we cried when we felt a peace come over us and knew that some strength was around the corner…And we cried when she hugged me goodbye and told me how grateful she was to be able to come get her hair cut.

I am grateful. My heart is full. For my blessings. For my family. For my journey. This itty bit is coming to a close tomorrow and I heartily encourage you to come see a performance if you haven’t yet. If you have, I heartily thank you. I am grateful for the next adventure…be it putting guttering on my house, or The Great Backyard Overhaul, or our first delivery from the organic food co-op…who knows what’s around the corner!

let’s go find out, shall we?

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