A New Week

Oh Tuesday…

Kids, I slept the entire weekend away. And I feel GOOD about it! I got groceries shopped for, and food made for the week. I did some laundry and had Clean Sheet Sunday. I left the house once on Sunday, and once yesterday. Sleeping was my main event, and I do believe I won the gold. I feel human today, thank goodness. I’m ready for a little nosh, and to jump in the shower and bang some hair!

The shows went well opening weekend. Opening night was raucous. I had some issues exiting the stage in blackouts and stumbled into the fireplace on the set scraping the bejesus out of my foot. Sean stumbled into a table and knocked over the water glasses for a scene, which we had to play around and ad lib thru, but we did it. Our energy was so high, the audience was dang near sold out…I had a lot of support there…it was awesome. Saturday we were all just so tired…we had a good audience, smaller but still vocal and enjoying it. We kept feeling like our energy was way slow, but I think that compared to the meth addict speed we were on the previous night, perhaps we were just fine.

I’m thankful for some nights off. I’m heading back to the gym after work. Then over to a girl’s house for a little fellowship. There are a few of us from the salon that are reading the book CRAZY LOVE, and just kind of going through it together…I’m excited for this.

The plumbing is FIXED. And I can afford the payment. My yard is jacked twelve ways from Sunday, just mounds of red mud. How am I going to level this out? Just go out and stomp on it? I need to google this…I thought about buying some sod to lay down, but that’s too expensive I think. So, leveling it out then throwing seed seems to be the better way. My yard is a blank slate at this point…Im debating hiring my brother in law and having him come build a deck…hmmmm? need to decide where the garden will grow as well…

all of these plans and we’re due for more snow the end of this week.


Spring is coming…someday it will be here!!! Meanwhile, have a blessed Tuesday. MUAH!!!

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2 Responses to A New Week

  1. Chrome says:

    Yea! for fixed! Yea! for afford!
    Yea! for start from scratch backyard garden.
    I wish I wish I wish I could come help and dig and build and plant with you.

  2. Chris says:

    You know what would have been even worse than having to tear up the backyard? Having to do it after the garden was planted and starting to give us some yummy food.

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