Thankful Friday

well. I am thankful it IS Friday.

My plumbing is at a stand still. My backyard is torn to hell and back, but the problem is deeper than the digging machine. The yard is soo wet that the little digging machine he had was sinking. A bigger digging machine would just get stuck to the point of no return. We must pray for dry and warm weather so that this sty will firm up and we can get it fixed.

Stormy is hurt. His back right foot…it’s been that way since Tuesday, and it seems that he’s walking on it more, but he’s limping more too. Make sense? He has also chosen to step outside and disappear. The day I decide to take him to the vet, he vanishes. So. There’s that.

First night on stage was about as much of a clusterfuck as wrangling cats. But we’ve adjusted. Tonight we’re better. Every night we’re better. We were taking notes at 11. Home and in bed before midnight is foreign to me right now. We are all tired. We will be ready to open the show, and the show will be ready when we open. Can’t ask for much more…

Hoping for some appointments today. My book was skim, but tomorrow is a rocking good day!

Have a little lookie at the armageddon that is my backyard. I am mournful. Will it EVER be pretty again? Will we ever gather and laugh and enjoy? Today…it seems hopeless. But I’m a hopeful girl, so we’ve got that going for us.  well. I cant upload. the pics on my comptuer are too big. i’m annoyed. and have to get ready for work. so just trust me, it’s nasty back there.

Happy Friday, ya’ll.

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4 Responses to Thankful Friday

  1. Gertrude says:

    April 15 is but two little tiny months away and I will arrive on that day at your door bearing flats of flowers and shovels and rakes and hoes and we’ll just make it a Garden of Eden. Lets plant an Apple Tree! Good times are just around…. that corner Sweet. Hold on!

  2. danjodon says:

    First night on stage?! Have you started your new show?!!!??!?!?

  3. Cindy says:

    Gert is right. Think of how easy it’s going to be to get your veggie garden built. All the tilling already taken care of. And my weather app says sunny skies for the next few days. SUNNY SKIES!

  4. BradChad says:

    I see a beautiful easy new week ahead of you… 🙂

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