Sick and Tired

That described me yesterday. Sick and tired. I was nauseous all day and all night long Monday. Never slept. Drainage. Bleargh. I know myself well enough to know that when I get run down I go down. Way down. So I stayed home yesterday. I have major guilt for rescheduling my clients, but I had to do it. I slept most of the day. I baked cookies for our bakesale at work* more later* I picked up the house a little.

Dad arrived last night and we went to eat some yummy pizza before I headed to rehearsal. We’re in run-thru’s now. The entire show. We’re supposed to get out of the rehearsal space and onto the stage tonight, but it looks like it’ll be tomorrow. We’ve made great strides the last two nights. Cohesive and back to being fun…hopefully we can build on that night by night and be super ready by the 19th. We are allegedly in line for another “big storm” at the end of next week. I hope…well. We all know what I hope.

One of our girls at the salon is adopting a baby. We’re having a bake sale this week to help with the costs…twenty thousand dollars. That’s the cost. GAH. So if you’re in the area, stop by, throw a few bucks out for some cookies or snacks, and let’s buy us a baby!!!

I’m outta here. Coffee with Dad this morning. Working this afternoon/night. Bring on the hair banging.

PS…digging on the sewer line allegedly begins Thursday.

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5 Responses to Sick and Tired

  1. Kizz says:

    Healing thoughts for you and your sewer line.

  2. Chris says:

    I’ll be seeing ya this afternoon, after 5 PM.

  3. Cindy says:

    Kizz’s comment made me laugh. Glad you took some time to rest. Make Chris buy some cookies.

  4. Chrome says:

    I wish someone would make me buy some cookies.

  5. Misti says:

    i sent him home with cake.

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