Adventures in Internet Dating (ep 3)

Ohhh the screen names.

SeniorEskimo or Bigsoftlips622…it’s really a shame we don’t live in the same state. Because seriously. I’m running on a deficit with lips and eskimos!!! There was a guy today who, I swear to GOD, had a profile picture circa the 80’s. It was taken in a grocery store where the chips were 1.07 and there was a cassette carrying case on the shelf for sale. He’s all, “well people tell me I look 30!” and I’m all like “dude. truth in advertising???” and he’s all like “but the lady at home depot didn’t believe me when I told her I was 52.” and I’m all like “dude. go away”

I do have a favorite. I do. And on this snowy, icy day, before I get the jitters from too much coffee and too many chocolate chip cookies (WHY DID I BAKE THOSE THINGS?) I want to share this with you and then I’m getting up and going to finish a project or two then work on lines.

This is from Pradip.

He’s my Calcutta Boyfriend.

He’s got a real grasp of the language, dontcha think? Awwww yeah.

I am sorry for the inconvenience mail to you.

How are you doing there ? This is Pradip from India.

I have read your profile in the site, It is very interesting and realism, its very much impressed me. Friend if you have a little time to visit my profile it would pleasure to me. And a sort note from you would be nice.

As we are a mature person and seriously searching our soul mate for our 2nd half. We are both thirsty for few drop love, peace and happiness . Is not it ?

I do not believe this personal match % system here.I believe complete trust,understanding, commitment, honesty and faith and believe in each other makes a true ever lasting relation and it is great chemistry in conjugal life . I believe in monogamy system. Hello, I have never been married persona and 43yrs. old, Business man, Height 5’8″, Weight 58kg.

I have feel to seen your picture in the site that you are a sober personality,family oriented,pleasant looking . I am feeling loneliness and need a woman in my life and who will take care me.I am need a woman not only for sex, need as a friend as my guardian and as one part of my soul.It does not matter for me that we come from different countries, different religion,different color/type, Height and speak different languages. Need only peaceful and happiness life. Built a new home, new life, new family. Where two souls live together with happy life and love each other, take care of each other until to death. We Indian are believe wife is half part of husband soul.And we respect the woman as there are motherhood nature. Our mythology said Women are the supreme power in the Earth.

I have not any intention to annoy or play game with any body and i do not like to play game with me also.

If you would like to acquaintance with me as a Indian Person then you can mail me MORE ABOUT YOU. I am waiting for your reply.

Take care

So here’s todays NFTU:

Would you ever take a journey, Misti, if you knew ahead of time that you’d become hopelessly lost, have your heart broken into pieces, and sometimes wish you’d never been born?

Now, how about if you knew ahead of time that on that very same journey you’d also find yourself, fall passionately in love, and live happily ever after?

Yeah, I know, you made the same choice a long, long time ago.

Que bueno,
The Universe

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9 Responses to Adventures in Internet Dating (ep 3)

  1. Gertrude says:

    He does have a grasp. Lordy. So I very much like this nest big thing… you’ve always been the attractor, the recruiter… look at all these great people you’ve brought into our lives. The possibilities are endless. The world is yours my dear. As it has always been. The world loves you and is ready to make you laugh.

  2. Nancy says:

    Are you thinking of relocating to Calcutta? Opening up a Duncan Bros. branch there? You are the bomb girl.

  3. Cindy says:

    The Universe may be on to something there. Enjoy your day!

  4. jenny says:

    that. was. amazing. definitely the best part of my day.

  5. Misti says:

    Ohhhh Pradip.


  6. Kizz says:

    Moving to India. Tomorrow. Will contact you with wedding date. Soon.

  7. Mamo says:

    Hey, this is such a coinsidence…our sunday school class is praying for the daughter of a member who was married to an India person, Indian, who went back to India with their child and will not return to America…he treated her like gold to begin with and when he got the child he disappeared…his name was also Pradip…what a coincidence…be careful…I love you, Mamo

  8. Mamo says:

    Remember Mamo is not prejudice, I love Dipak like a son.

  9. Mamo, you crack my shit up. I never know what I’m going to find when you comment. Clearly, I posted this as an example of the coo-coos that are out there and would not give it a second thought.
    and no one thinks you’re prejudice. you’re the one that brought it up.

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