Hold the Bikini Wax…

Date number 2 was…sigh. Well, I think it was my doing. I think I built this up over the last week…with the chatting online and the texting…I wanted him to be my Vegan in NYC.

Ok. Let me back up.

I’m not disappointed. He is delightful. and Just Fine in the looks department. and what a trooper…he’d undergone an emergency root canal not two to three hours previous…

maybe that accounted for the lisp.

I had a great time, but it was like sitting there eating pizza with a friend. A really good friend who likes you maybe more than you like them because there was ZERO instant chemistry. I didn’t want to touch or kiss him. My stomach didn’t flip flop.

And I’m grown up enough to know that most of that is bullshit and fades anyway. . . so I’m not writing this off. By any means. I totally forsee us going out again. . . we have too much in common that we like to do to let that happen. But when we chatted after the date on instant message…he said he wanted to kiss me goodnight. and because I’m always honest, I said well. Unless your last name was Clooney, that probably was never going to happen anyway. I told him that I was using this online dating to meet new people, try new things and that I did that last night. That I met someone really great who I was willing to spend time with and get to know…


It wasnt a BAD date by ANY MEANS. He didn’t order for me. He wasn’t drunk. He didn’t ask me why don’t I have babies. It wasn’t his birthday. He didn’t have a previous brain injury or stick his tongue down my throat and around my spleen…I mean it was a stellar date compared to the ones I had a few years ago! I will see him again…I’m not writing this off completly. I just KNOW….that I didn’t feel anything attraction like…but that’s ok too.

I’ve got high hopes people. me and that rubber tree plant? We’re going places.


right now…NOW they’re forcasting 2-5 inches of snow and a quarter to and inch and a quarter of ice. This starting around 9am. I’ve already spread the ice melt onto my front steps…and have zero problems loading up the livestock and heading to the Frontier if I lose power. will keep this thing powered up and online as much as possible. We’re sitting at 30 degrees, and if we can hover, and stay above 29 we’ll just be in a shitty ice storm. if we hit below 29 we’re in for some freezing hell.

finally I leave you with my NFTU…

If you knew how much you have in common with every single person now living in time and space Misti – in terms of your greatest hopes and dreams, and your deepest fears and worries – you’d wonder how I manage to tell you all apart.

And from this day forward you’d likely think of every single one of them as “dearest,” just as I do.

Yeah, like twins, to the power of 7 billion. But not to worry, dearest Misti, I can always tell it’s you by your saunter.

The Universe

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5 Responses to Hold the Bikini Wax…

  1. Cindy says:

    The first time I met Chris, I thought he was a jerk. The good news is, you had a good time. We may follow to the frontier.

  2. Chris says:

    Hey, I’m still a jerk. Who said I wasn’t?

  3. Misti says:

    I thought you were a jerk when I first met you to. But it was purely a case of guilt by association.
    I despised your best friend.

    Man. I’m glad I was wrong!


  4. Misti says:

    you and Cindy.
    not your old bf.
    just to be clear.

  5. Chrome says:

    I love your old bf and I don’t even remember meeting you.
    How’s that?
    Oh, I love you, too.
    And Cindy.
    And Misti.
    And Pradip.

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