Date Night

Tonight, is my first date of the year.

We’re going to a nice little restaraunt around 7pm tonight. Pleanty of people know exactly where I will be. I’ve given my computer password to my bff’s in case they need to hack into the machine for any reason. I’m meeting him, he’s not picking me up. I think the bases are covered.

I’ve no idea what I’m wearing, something comfortable and casual. I don’t have any expectations from tonight. I already know that this guy and I come from different mindsets, however, it’s nice to go and to meet new people.

Tomorrow night, however, I’m meeting another guy that I’ve been talking to for awhile. We’ve had several Instant Message “dates”, we watched the Vikings/Saints game,  we talked practically all day long yesterday, and then again when I got home from rehearsal. Talked waaaaaay passed my bedtime. He and I are reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally good on paper. Lot’s in common. So we’ll see if that translates.

It’s interesting, folks! I’ll keep ya posted

Meanwhile, I just got home from the gym, did about 3 miles on the t-mill, and need to get my food ready for the day. I will leave you with my Note From The Universe…it was a gem!

Misti, the trick is learning to maintain an unwavering focus upon your desired end result, your completed dream, the “finish line,” without insisting upon, or even contemplating, its means of attainment, no matter how logical, obvious, or tempting it may seem.

The Universe

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4 Responses to Date Night

  1. Cindy says:

    I am so proud of you. Meant to leave that comment yesterday, but I never got the chance. You are beautiful and fabulous. Make that your mantra!

  2. Chris says:

    Break a leg! No, wait, that’s for something else. Have fun and report back!

  3. Chrome says:

    You’re like one of those “how does she do it all?” women that everyone’s jealous of on tv.
    Two dates in two nights. Get back!
    Rehearsals! Job and gym! Get down!
    I think you are awesome.

  4. Gertrude says:

    Okay, you can check in via Facebook by Crackberrry and let us know you are just fine.
    Take care of you.

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