The Night The Lights Went Out…

Yesterday was a good day. I couldn’t have packed anymore into it had I tried…so when I got home and got my comfy clothes on I reflected on the day. What a blessing to be healthy, to be ABLE to have a day like that. I then promptly took myself to the bed so I could rise and shine again for a 6am bootcamp class at the gym.

Well, the two black boys have taken to sleeping at the foot of my bed. Looks like one big hairball. They keep my feet warm, and I keep a blanket over my quilt so their hair and firtch doesn’t dirty it up. Anyhoo, I’d been asleep for a little over an hour when I hear this horking and yakking sound from one of the beasts. This is usually the precursor to some projectile emissions from one of them, so I jump up, almost trip myself tangled in the covers, reach for my lamp, and it won’t come on. I’m still asleep so I stumble to the wall switch and try that. Nuthin. I then notice the alarm clock is off, the hall light? I have no power.

Yesterday in The Plains, we experienced spring like storms. Just some crazy rain, perhaps some hail farther south, it was nuts. But not nearly bad enough to lose power? Yup. So I get my trusty blackberry use that light to dig in my purse for my little flashlight and get online and it’s not just me. My neighbor a street over had posted he was out of power too. I called the electric company and reported and outage and then tried to sleep. I was warm enough. There luckily, had NOT been any projectile bits and the cats were still snuggled up on my feet. But my brain was going batshit. I was worried. This hasn’t ever happened before and OH MY GOD WHAT IF…well I tossed and turned for a few hours then VOILA. Lights camera action! I got up and turned off the lights I’d inadvertently turned on in my search and went back to bed clutching the flashlight…only to toss and turn for the rest of the night. Come 5am when it was time to get up and get ready for the gym?

snooze button was my bitch.

SOOOOoooooo…I’ll get to that class next week. I will hit the gym after work. It will be ok. I am working lines with my scene partner tonight, so hopefully I can fit it all in. I worked lines pretty hard yesterday and made some headway. We have to be offbook on the first scenes by Sunday. I think I’ll have it down. Choppy, but whatever.

Ok. I need more coffee and am going to start this day. You start your’s too and I’ll meet you back here later!

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2 Responses to The Night The Lights Went Out…

  1. Chris says:

    You’ll have those lines down, I know it.

    When Cindy and I drove to the Y this morning, we noticed new “snow” or something on the roads, and were all like “what the hell?”. It was hail. It hailed last night and was crazy loud.

  2. Cindy says:

    That time we had the ice storm and everyone in the city lost power, I was home alone with Hooper. It was around the time Chris’s dad had died and he was staying with his mom. I opted to stick it out through the night. Creepiest night ever. Power outages seem so apocalyptic.

    You will own those lines before Sunday!

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