Longing for the Sork

Got home last night after one heckuvaday at work. Thankfully, my book was busy!! Today is packed as is Tuesday, so hopefully this will be the end of the drought. Anyways, got home, got the feeling back into my big toe and made plans to watch the debate in Bat Shit Crazy Town with Gert.

Once I got there, it was CLEAR that there would be nothing but jawing about the last week and trading stories and having a cold beer and going on and on and on. So we set the DVR and dove in.

Sitting on the stoop, listening the the week that she’d had, telling about my week and my trips and the relationships in both of our lives…I was struck at how good life is.

So we finally settled down and hit the play button and watched. Turns out…the dvr cut off right before the end so we actually didn’t get to see the final bits, but I’m watching MSNBC now and figure I’ll see all of it. After it’s all said and done, I thought that Obama was clear and to the point. There were a few interesting moments but frankly, I wish it’d been scripted by The Sork. I wish there had been some standard Bartlett zings and pows! We have two more, plus that VP debate coming so there will be much to discuss. I’m not even commenting on the fact that Biden was out doing post debate spin and Palin was eating ribs. what. the. fuck?

I have to get ready for work. I’m tired. I don’t wanna. But my day is packed to the brim, and if I’m a good girl, I get a pedicure today. That’s what I’m livin’ for!!!

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