I’ve got the Plains.

good grief. I slept for five hours when I got home yesterday, then wrote the post, then tried to unpack a little. That was just depressing so I quit about a quarter of the way through. I made a healthy dinner and watched some of my DVR’d tv and some new stuff last night. My jury is now somewhat confused on True Blood. Ehh. Could be the mushy brain I was watching with. Earl and the Office I loved though. Laughed out loud. and I needed that because leaving NY and Chrome and Kizz and now Seth is in that mix…I get the Plains. (blues…it’s a line from August Osage County)

Anyways, in typical Scorpio fashion, when in a Plains state, we either go for a vice (but I didn’t feel like drinking. and I broke up with smoking. and I’d already eaten.)or go to sleep. I went to the bed at 8:30, tried to read some bookclub book and gave up at 8:45. I slept through till 1:30 then right back to sleep till 6:30.

I was New York Tired. It’s not just a feeling…it’s a state of mind.

So here we are today! Friday!! Sambo woke me up, happy to have me home. He brought me a semi-live bird yesterday and when he let it go it started FLYING AROUND MY HOUSE!! It landed in the spoon rest which was in the sink, and Sammy was just looking and crying until I took his fool head and put it right on top of the bird which he chomped and we all went outside. Gah. thanks kids. mommy loves you too….no more pressies please.

The coffee is good, the morning is bright and beautiful. I’m excited about work. I’m excited that USC got beat last night!! OU was number 2 after them in the polls so this is good good good.

Does anyone know if we will watch a debate tonight or not???? What the hell? I get that it’s Code Blue time and all hands on deck, but shit. You can’t just not show up. It’s 90 minutes. Go. Talk. Leave. Frustrating….and has anyone seen Palin’s interview with Katie Couric? I’ve seen only clips, then Katie’s assesment of the interview….pretty interesting. Keeping her shielded from reporters is one thing I don’t agree with. BUT if that’s your game plan, use that time to polish her skills. Clearly this is not in the cards. I’ll reserve further commentary until I get through the entire interview.

Guess what was waiting on me when I got home? My Michael Phelps Olympics dvd, that’s what!!! Thank God M’Lynn was taking care of the house and the livestock…the precious cargo was in good hands in my absense. I’m all over this dvd possibly tonight if we get no debate. Hell. If we GET a debate even.

Have a great Friday, ya’ll!! It’s good to be home. My case of the Plains will diminish soon. It always does.

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    That Plains line was my favorite idea in that play.

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