And The Cup Ran Away With The Spoon…

Oh me oh my oh.
Home. Today was brutal. But we’ll go backwards.


If you recall, we almost killed ourselves with Tuesday, which made Wednesday morning a late one. We were all moving slow. Kizz had taken the day off of work so that we could play. After getting ourselves together, Mgirl and Mandrea took off for their own private NYC adventure. Kizz and I headed into the park by her house and started on headshots. We took lots and hopefully there are some that will perfect for auditions!! We headed into the city and ate at our beloved Edison Cafe then headed over to the theatre to see August: Osage County.

Oh. MY. GOD!! It was 3 hours long. 2 intermissions. Kizz and I were in the LAST ROW of the theatre, backs to the wall, and it could not have been better. It was AMAZING. I will be in this show at some point in my life. Hopefully to play the older sister, and again when I’m even older to play the mother. I saw Estelle Parsons play the mom. You may well remember her as the mom on the Rosanne show. LORD she was good. It was highly emotional, and simultaniously funny. Some of the words went so fast through my brain and straight to my heart that I was crying, but couldn’t really place a finger on the exact scene that tuned me up. Whew. A lot to ingest into my brain but I was at my own personal buffet and ate and ate and ate.

Good thing the next stop was WW meeting with Chrome and the Prophet. I’d been trying to see Chrome’s leader for awhile now, and was so glad to get to sit in on a meeting and get motivated about it all over again. This woman was great. She threw out some spicy language and lots of laughs and inspired us in between. My weigh in was bad. In the last two weeks I’d gained 5lbs, but whatever. I’ll own that. There are a lot of factors including the plane ride, not being really hydrated (it’s hard to drink water in NYC) the ice cream from the night before and the french toast with corned beef hash for lunch that day…eh. whatever. I am so glad I got to do that with my girl though. She has been so on target with this and looks sooooo good. Inspiration all around.

We met up with the other three and had a few beers, to catch up on our days, (the girls bought every H&M out of stock!!) then split off again. Chrome Kizz and myself went to see Spring Awakening. It came out I think sometime last year? or I know I wanted desperatly to see it last year, but ran out of time and money. So, we got great seats, with Chromes deep discount and holy fucking shit it was awesome!!

Now, I know that some of you know me. KNOOOOOOOOOOOW me, know me–so this won’t come a a surprise to you. But when I get full…mentally, emotionally, spiritually, any -ly you can think of, I just keep taking it all in. Gorging myself. Fat girl at the buffet kind of thing. Until it starts to leak out. Then once the leak happens, it’s a full blown flood.

I cried pretty much through the whole second act, then had just the tinest of meltdowns outside the theatre in front of The Actor’s Cathedral. (fittiing) The tears continued to flair up about three or four more times on the way home to Brooklyn…and shit, as I type this, kind of again!!!

I love that city so much. It holds two humans that are sooooo much a part of my heart, and a new friend who I loved spending time with. It feeds my soul. I am full.

So anyways, we get home to Brooklyn, and get our shit packed and take a little nap. I think I slept about an hour. The car service came at 4:45 to take us to the airport. This is the brutal part. Our first flight took off at 6:20 and took us to St. Louis. The second one at 8:55. I was home. HOME in my drive way, via a stop to the wallgreens to get catfood and the SONIC!!! for an ice tea, by 11:11. Appropriatly enough.

I fed the cats. Said hello and I’m home. Got caught up online just a bit then crashed on the couch till about an hour ago. Rest. Rest is good.

I still feel a little fragile. It is a great tragedy in the world that all of the people I love don’t share the same zip code, or live on the same street, or are independently wealthy enough for surprise weekend visits. But we make the most of it.

So, gentle readers, tomorrow life returns to “normal” Work continues, the weekend approaches. I’ll be overdosing on the cd of Spring Awakening all the while trying to get my “sea legs” back. I feel out of touch…there is a lot going on in the world. Debate or no debabe? Wall Street (i was there a LOT this week!) bailout? Missed the president1al address. So I’ll be playing catch up.

Now…I’m going to attempt to bring in my suitcase, start laundry, and figure out what the hell I’m wearing to work and having for dinner!!

I heart N.Y.

the end.

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3 Responses to And The Cup Ran Away With The Spoon…

  1. Kizz says:

    We heart you back.

  2. Zelda says:

    I now know what added to the cause of the meltdown. apparently, YOU my dear, have the dominate uterus. and apparently I’ll follow you in every area of life!! 🙂

  3. mandrea says:

    oh! i heart NY too! lets go back next week…

    ps thank you for all your kindness on the plane rides, in my mind, from hell! i love you!

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