We Work Hard For Our Happy

Yesterday almost killed us.

I’m not kidding.

We walked so. freaking. much. And the thing is, we got everything covered on our list but for the Met. So I’m proud of us. And with all the walking, we only kind of put on our cranky pants once and frankly, we were HUNGRY!!!

We started our day out yesterday on the subway heading over the Battery Park. Check out Lady Liberty and work our way up the island, hit the financial district, and go from there. Well. My navigation system was set to DumbAss so we got off the train three stops to late. Gah. So we got off at City Hall and walked down to the park. . . oh and since FuckingPalin was in town every corner we turned was blocked by the police, and maybe it wasn’t her, but it was SOMETHING and damn it was hard to figure out how and where to walk. But we did it. Pictures to come from that. hopefully. We then motored upwards and found ourselves on Wall Street looking for that elusive bull. We never found it. Oh well. We did find Ground Zero. now, I’ve been on the outskirts, on the inskirts but have never gone into St. Pauls to see all the memorial stuff. We did and the first thing we saw was a big huge banner that says To The People Of New York And To All The Rescuers Keep Your Spirits Up Oklahoma Loves You!!!

This is surrounded by mementos, and photos and all kinds of displays from that horribly scar.

Let me just tell you. These three girls lost it. Tears. Flooding emotion. I almost had the ugly cry. It lasted the whole time we were in there and when we went outside the back to regain some composure, the minute we went back in…tears again. I wasn’t prepared for the deep, deep feeling. I just wasn’t.

I was so proud to be from Oklahoma.

Moving upwards via the subway, which we were navigating like natives (thanks to Rogers’ map from last year!) we got off around the area of Chrome’s work. We had to drop off her phone charger. Of course, remember where my navigation setting was…we had to walk a little. gah. But we found it and after dropping it off, we discovered a lovely little children’s bookshop and cupcake making place. yes. Mandrea and I had ourselves a pretty little cake…which was actually prettier than it tasted. But the bookshop was like the one in You’ve Got Mail. So sweet. I found this book! And bought three of them. They were signed by the illustrator, so that was coool!

Continuing forward we found ourselves at the Flatiron Building.

In the building was the flagship store for Jo Malone
Chrome had told me about this at wine night and so we mosied inside. So nice and gracious. We all got complimentary hand massages. I smelled like a combo of gardenia and lime. Delish. MGirl, the girl who has an amazing amount of rage for the rose…smelled like roses all day. Mandrea was orange blossom and ginger honey.

We got onto the train after that and smelled the whole car right up. Kind of funny.

We headed up to the park to find the Dakota and Strawberry Fields.
I found a great John Lennon book on my first day of book buying and have been kind of hopped up on it since. This should have been an easy part of the day since I’ve been here more than once, been to the Dakota more than once, been to Strawberry Fields MORE THAN ONCE.

Navigation Setting: DUMBASS!!!

we apparently got off the train, came above ground and walked right the fuck past it. Straight up to 81st. gah. Then we turned (because I said so) and walked thru the park. Well, not THROUGH the park per se. We walked on the street that goes over, that is walled in by big rock walls that don’t let you INTO said park. So. We walked over to 5th avenue. Turned and got back into the park. Walked across again, found the Dakota. Found Strawberry Fields. And walked BACK over to 5th ave to catch a bus. Good. God.

Took the bus down 5th ave, saw all the shiney shops and went to meet Kizz and Chrome for a bite before theatre. ESPN zone was the mothership for Madchen. She, being the sports lover that she is, was in her happy zone.

We met Seth at the theatre, he got to use the fourth ticket. (ROGER–THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM ALL FOUR OF US!!!) Young Frankenstein was a fun little show! The first Broadway taste for Mgirl and Mandrea. The second for Seth. It was a big big show. Lot’s of show. The singing and dancing and sets were grand. We laughed. It was Mel Brooks to the nth degree. A fun night to be sure.

As we got out of the show, said our goodbyes, I discovered that (remember the setting was at DUMBASS today) oh yes. I’ve lost my metrocard. This is the card that lets me ride public transportation. GAH. In 8 or 9 trips, I’ve never done this!!! Oh well. After a little panic, I regrouped, Mgirl found herself a slice of pizza, I found an ATM and we got our asses back to Brooklyn.

none of us moved in our sleep. at all. Today, it’s 9:40 and we’re still sippin coffee, noshing on hummus, no showers have been taken, and we’re all sucked into the Today show.

Yesterday…almost killed us…and we worked HARD for our Happy.

However, it didn’t. And it was totally worth it.

Today, we split up. Kizz and I head to our day, the girls head to shopping. We are seeing August: Osage County this afternoon, and tonight Chrome, Kizz and I are seeing Spring Awakening.

New York.

and I love these women. and I love you.

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2 Responses to We Work Hard For Our Happy

  1. Kathy says:

    I am thrilled to read about your trip and know you are having such a wonderful time. Some if it reminds me of us trying to navigate Paris public transportation. If you don’t have your “patient” hat on, you’re screwed, huh!?

    Take care and enjoy the shows!!

  2. Mandrea says:

    started crying again when i read about ground zero….so emotional! i miss you already!

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