Start Spreadin’ The News

Oh sweet heaven above…we made it. We arrived yesterday around noon thirty. Mandrea, having survived her severe flight anxiety via a few chemicals was a little worse for wear but we managed to get to Brooklyn, get unpacked-ish, gear up for more seeing and headed to the Village. West village I believe. Magnolia Bakery for Mandrea, Biography Bookshop for moi, we saw somewhat of a protest of said bakery, complete with dancing girls and boys in drag. We found ourself Carrie’s Stoop. Yep. The actual brownstone used to film her apartment for SATC. It was an occasion. We dined at Cowgirl. We had margaritas and Chrome did her 30 second commercial for us that was brilliant. Twelve kinds of brilliant.

Today was class. Mind blowing, freak the eff out color class. I have more to say on that subject but we have a line for the computer. The class is great. I’ve already learned a whole shitload gob. And we have yet another day.

We did Yankee Stadium today. Took great photos. Bought some swag. Got back on the train and headed to Grand Central. More photos. Found beer. I was in great need of beer. My blood alcohol level had dipped dangerously low. We found sushi. Brilliant sushi. We had our first celebrity sighting. Bobby Canavale. Remember him? Will’s policeman boyfriend from will and grace. It was great. He was delicious!!

We have laughed. We have been social. We are all laid out on the couch and pull out bed along with the two cats and the dog.

It’s time for bed. We still have THREE WHOLE FRAKING DAYS!!!! I have three plays yet to see! holy fucking shit!!!

Tomorrow night I’m banging hair. two women cuts. one color. one men’s cut. All friends that live here. All friends that I love. I am happy to be in their company.

Ok. there very well might be a revolt if I don’t hand over the internt.

Ciao! more to come!

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2 Responses to Start Spreadin’ The News

  1. Gertrude Jane McCartney says:

    My heart is with you…
    it was jumping from sentence to sentence!
    Leaping off the page.
    I have been there and it is EVERYTHING that you say and OH the joy!
    I am living through you.
    God Bless New York City! It is magic.

  2. Kathy Pledger says:

    Carrie’s Stoop?! Shut. UP!!! That is so fantastic! So glad you are enjoying your class and all the fun stuff, too! Thanks for the blog updates…some of us are clearly living vicariously through you. Hugs and be safe!

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