Well, it begins tonight. I’ve borrowed a suitcase and done the laundry. I’ve made mental list after list. Today I will actually make a hard copy of said lists and when I get home will begin the packing.

This doesn’t really stress me out too much. It used to. I’d freak out and pack EVERYTHING. Every necklace, every shoe, every piece of something that I could possibly want just in case. I don’t do that anymore. The only thing that makes me nervous is my lack of cute clothes. I always have a small moment of anxiety about if I’ll measure up.

Yes. I know. Once I get there, it makes no difference. For the class, I need two somewhat nice ensembles. There’s a point though, when comfort overrides fashion. So I’ve got to find a happy medium.

COMFORTABLE SHOES!!!! I know. I’m all in for that one.

The weather looks about the same as it is here. Perfectly Fall. That makes me incredibly happy. Layers. Jackets. Nice nice nice.

I’m ready to be there. I’ve got most of the Race For the Cure details sent to Bonusmom. I’ve got someone lined up to be in charge of mail and the livestock. I’m getting off work at 4 tomorrow to get more stuff done before a dinner gathering with the Purple Pool Gal Pals, then home to fake sleep and up at the crack of ass to get to the airport! That’s the part that gives me fever blisters. The stress of not oversleeping, of getting there and finding parking and getting on the little people mover and getting checked in and getting thru security and THEN…only then do I somewhat calm myself.

Ok kids. I must gulp down more coffee, get myself in the shower and get to work. I actually have a full day! Yahoooooooo!!!

Have a blessed one.

oh yeah, are any of you picking up True Blood? it’s the new HBO series. I got HBO free for a year so I’m all over it. SOOOO good.

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3 Responses to Packing

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Please put Gertrude in your suitcase and bring her along….I would say put her in your carry-on, but I believe she is more than 3 oz. liquid, so that will never work.
    See you Saturday.

  2. Gertrude Jane McCartney says:

    God Bless you Chrome for the request.
    I need a holiday.
    I would very much like to see you and Kizz… LIVE and in person.

  3. Cindy says:

    Oh yeah… one must actually pack for vacations. I should start thinking about that.

    I caught the first episode of True Blood and have the second one waiting on me in the DVR pile. I think it’s a little hokey, but I’m giving a try. I felt the same about the first episode of John from Cincinnati and ended up loving the show like heroin.

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