The Man, The Myth, The Legend…

Has anyone else noticed my love for ellypses?

Had a lovely evening last night. Came home to Gert who was having a quiet afternoon on my couch after having cleaned my kitchen! (gotta love bf’s with ocd!) We hung out and I got caught up on her life and vise versa then we headed out for dinner.


Good LORD but that stuff is brilliant. Joe met us and we ordered enough for all of us plus you guys as well. We ate. And screamed in the wasabi attacks. And giggled. And blushed (that was only me blushing.) And made plans for the weekend. And for future weekends. And laughed some more.

I am so blessed to have these amazing people in my life. We are, the three of us, a sight to behold I think. Our conversations consist of half vocalized words and the other half mentally completing each others sentences. Magical.

We then dispersed and headed out to pick up Mr. Fitz at the train station.

Have you guys ever picked up someone at the train station??? It is really quite a glorious thing. In these post 9-11 days, when the airport has become more of a sterile, security filled environment, the train station is the opposite of all of that, and more. There are families running around, children squealing with joy, cars lined up like the pick-up line at the elementary school. all of us inching up one at a time, closer and closer to our person at the front! It is full of joy and tears and laughter and peace and smiles and giggles and love.

Last night as Gert ran ahead, up the stairs to greet her lobster, I sat watching. There was one couple in particular. She with her backpack, and travel weary eyes sparking at each person who passed her, looking for that one…He hiding between cars watching her with such joy and bliss on his face and he ran out and ran up behind her and the screams of sheer love and happiness! They gripped each other and laughed and kissed and laughed while kissing (this is one of my favorite things) and held onto each other as if each were the others life force. Gert and Fitz returned to my car to find me staring at them. STARING at them with a bit of tear on my face. Such love. Such happiness. We got the man into the car, smiles and hugs and all of that and as we turned around to exit the parking lot, talking a mile a minute, that couple was still hugging. Holding. Finally they began to walk as we left the lot.


In my car.
In the train station.

I guess it is actually…all around.

Happy Labor Day weekend ya’ll. Here’s to having a little love in your life. Any kind of love. All of it. For any of it. Enjoy!!!

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  1. Chris says:

    Of all the Greek heroes, Ellypses is my favorite. He never really does anything; he only implies that he does things. I like that.

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