The Man in the Mirror….is 50!!

Holy crap. Michael Jackson turned 50 years old this week.

Can you believe that??


To this day, it makes me laugh and sing and dance. (there is a rumor told in some circles of my performing the entire Thriller dance on the beach one 4th of July…but I say it’s all lies)

I hate that he’s a freak.
I hate that he’s a not so convicted pedophile.

I figure…if you’re singing songs pre-child-trials….you’re in the clear. That just my way of singing out loud with a clear concious.

Happy birthday freak boy.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Wow! I saw a guy in WalMart yesterday wearing tight dark jeans with cuffs rolled wide and white tank tucked in. He walked down the isle like Michael. I thought to myself “Hey the 80’s Michael Jackson called and he wants his clothes back.”

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