And so it closes…

Closing Ceremonies. I didn’t watch every single second, had it on in the background and watched as I cleaned and worked in the kitchen. The finale, though…what a party these last 17 days have been. And it’s been just something, hasn’t it? Something so uniting for all of us. Everywhere you look, people are having the same conversations.

“Did you see…?” “I’m soooo tired from staying up late but I just couldn’t quit watching!” “How do they DO THAT??” “my boyfriend Michael Phelps is amazing” “those gymnasts!!” “if that girl is sixteen I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!”

Unified in excitement, emotions, weariness, and now, bereft in the final evening.

I have to say, I’ll miss my nightly sign off with Bob Costas. Man, he’s done a great job, hasn’t he? I’ll miss the fun stuff with the Today show gang. I will miss randomly tuning in and catching the synchronized swimmers or those rubberband ballet girls. I will miss the swimming. I will miss all of it.

I really really really want to go to the games in London in four years. Does anyone out there have ANY kind of remote idea what that would cost and if it is even feasable for someone like me to accomplish???? brainstorming and a financial planner I think are required. But really. As much as I love these games, I don’t know why I can’t just go. Wanna go with me?

Until we figure out a plan, we can enjoy the memories, and right about the time I get back from NYC, my video of my boyfriend will arrive in the mail and we can sit around and watch him win over and over and over.

It’s beeen grand. It really really has.

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3 Responses to And so it closes…

  1. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    I don’t really want to go.
    It’s just not my thing, but I don’t see any reason why you would even consider it an impossibility.
    Four years! That’s a lot of saving time.
    And maybe you should concentrate on making a British friend in the next four years so you have a couch to crash on…

  2. Joe Banks. says:

    I’ll go! I’ll go! I’ll g~

    Ah, who are we kiddin’? The world’s gonna end in 2012, just ask the Mayans…

  3. Zelda says:

    That’s the Joe Banks I know and love. Always full of optimism and living on the Bright Side.

    although considering the turn of events these last 4 hours or so…..


    Whatever dude. We’re TOTALLY going. And yes, Chrome, I need a British Friend!

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