A Beer! A Beer! My Kingdom for a Beer!

Just got home not too long ago from a Shakespere in the Park production of Richard III. Gah.
I don’t know if I’m grown up enough to sit through many of the tragedies. I was hot. I was tired. I wandered off into my brain for a goodly amount of scenes…however there were a goodly amount that I was engaged. The lead was fanfreakintastic. So natural and at ease. Delightful. The women were good, too. A little one note, and that very well could have been because they just didn’t project and just came of screetching bleagh. I’m glad I went. I’m really tired now.

Tomorrow…dare I say….we get our VP????

I think I have a fairly light day tomorrow. Hopefully it will fill up. Today was way light, which sucked. I hate after school starts and into September. A little panicky as this is my first dry season with a house payment. Bleagh.

The redhead is off to Denver tomorrow and if you read any of the comments from the previous post, he’s going to be busy with an agenda that is not even remotely related to state business! heh heh heh.

I finished the last Twilight book. Fantastic. Go. Do. Read. All of them. I don’t own any at the moment, but think I may purchase when they are all in paperback.

what else?

Dunno. Fried. Thusly.

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