Too Much

I have too much to say, yet can say nothing at all. Lot’s of voices in my head this week. Some are familiar, some are ghosts from a lifetime ago. Eitherway…they are none of them ready for primetime so we’ll keep the lid on it for a little longer.

tomorrow is Friday already!! funny how short the week is when you start on Tuesday, and don’t get to work until Wednesday! I’m set to see some outdoor Shake possibly which I’m glad about. I went to a movie premiere at our art museum and while the picture itself was. . . ehhhh…some of the shots were lovely. The script was ok. Some acting was good, some actors were quite good on film, some were ehhhhh. This coming from someone who has never really worked on film but whatever. Joe had friends from this circle there, people he has worked with previously or is currently working with. I’m getting my headshot in a month via Kizz and coming back to jump headfirst into that circle!

The olympics are over this weekend. Today at work we watched some funky ballet/synchronized something with big long rubberbands. (best we could tell that is) and I know people get all up in arms about “why is that a so called sport and they are getting rid of baseball?” WHO CARES!!! Take a pill and understand that for whatever reasons those rubberband girls committed themselves and became the best of the best and holy shit they are at THE OLYMPICS!!!!! I just enjoy all of it apparently. I love these kids out there who are just amazing. even the mediocre ones are amazing. They are AT THE OLYMPICS!!!!! It ends Sunday with my Boyfriend (who has signed with Kelloggs instead of Wheaties! as B says…he’s Grrrrrrrrrreat!!)on hand to help transfer the keeping of the games from Bejing to London. I have been seriously considering trying to save up enough money to go in 2012. I would have a fit.

Lucky for me the Democratic National Convention begins Sunday. The redhead is heading there with his boss by the way. just another day at the office. I’m excited and quite frankly ready to know who the VP candidate is. I signed up to get a text when he announces and be “the first to know” but so far I got nuthin. I’m READY!!! Let’s get this show on the road. Get organized. Get some campaigning and some debating going on. November will be here in the blink of an eye. Bring It On!!!

I’m all but about a hundred pages out from finishing the last Twilight book. It’s good. that’s where I’m headed now. Happy evening folks. I love ya. Here’s hoping yoru voices aren’t as loud as mine are. Chirpy bastards.

and because I haven’t told you lately. . . I love George Clooney.

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8 Responses to Too Much

  1. Gertrude Jane McCartney says:

    Tell the Redhead we want full back stage access. Everything! Holy shit, right? He is going into the promised land.
    I want to know everything he sees, the air he breathes what it smells like… I want Kennedy sightings!
    Oh happy day its so good to be blue!
    Go big blue!

  2. Zelda says:

    I know, right? It makes me proud to know the people representing our state are these amazing, formidable, truthful men.

    What I wouldn’t give to get just a little snitch out of his brain,though…like the pensive in HPotter. GIMMEGIMMEGIMME!!!! I’m so happy for him to have this opportunity. and HONEY!!! We get the VP tomorrow!!!!!! IT. BEGINS.
    Go Big Blue!! (the el reno fight song is running thru my head right now!)

  3. S. Lenox says:

    I just purchased my hidden camera eye glasses. I will record everything that my face points at. And I will bring back a lock of hair from Barack’s head for both of you.

  4. Zelda says:

    SLenox, you are a scholar and a gentleman.


  5. Gertrude Jane McCartney says:

    Possibly could I change my order to something in Kennedy?
    If he’d lived you know we be married by now.
    I support you and your cause!
    Have the best freaking time ever!

  6. Zelda says:

    Gert, I’ve directed your request to the man, but cannot promise he’ll get it in time.he’s probably already ass deep in the packing and the excitement! who knows though, his ability to surprise me is continuous.maybe if you wish reallllllly hard. I really wish…aw hell. you know what I wish!

  7. S. Lenox says:

    GJM… I promise that if Kennedy shows up I will get a lock of his hair for you.
    Otherwise I’m gonna find things to steal from Barack to give to Misti, and if I have time I’ll steal something for you as well.

  8. Gertrude Jane McCartney says:

    You first as it should be.
    Little Boy Blue we are all green with envy and long to be in your shoes brushing and swishing body parts with the Kennedys and the Clintons and all those who keep hope alive in a world that seems sometimes all to red.
    Just a lick… that’s all I want! But I will take a lock of Barack.

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