It was a night for staying young and growing up…I won’t say anymore about that until Gert delves into the details. Suffice it to say….we’re both heading to Neverland.

I watched it actually, tonight. Finding Neverland. I’d missed it when it was new, actually Ex-Him had no interest therefore it didn’t happen in the theatre then bla bla bla fishcakes. Life goes on.

anyhoo, I netflixed it and finally, FINALLY after about a month of having it, got around to watching.


Johnny Depp….he had me at 21 Jump Street, kids and hasn’t let go since.

I did the ugly cry. the hu-h-uh-hu-uh trying to get your breath, snork some air thru your completely clogged nose holes…ugh. Thank GOD the reality show hasn’t kicked in yet, because it was the UG-LEE cry.

so, now Ive got that just cried, cleansed feeling that Holly Hunter got in Broadcast News…time for the bed.

One day closer to payday. I have to weigh in tomorrow and fear the lack of moving my ass at the gym will show it. But I did ok foodwise the last few days, in spite of the weekend so we’ll see. If my day holds up (and do whatever sacrificing rituals you all do to make sure it does) I’m on target to make 65%. Seven dollars over actually.

I’m being watched out for, I know that. I just have to figure out how to be grown up about it when I get it. stupid money.

no, I’m ending on a happy note! I love you. I love Johnny Depp. and I am so excited for September and the premiere of Burn After Reading starring my beloved George Clooney, that I could just spit!

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