Come on Come on

just holding my breath until payday.
am I so ridiculous????

thankfully, my paychecks are holding out and providing. that isn’t an accident. I know it’s not.

I have GOT to get better about my extra curricular spending habits.


have a great Humping Day.

I would be going to the gym, alas, must wait until the payday to renew for the month.


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3 Responses to Come on Come on

  1. Kizz says:

    I need to get better at this, too, and to figure out where all the money is going. Any way we can help eachother manage this?

  2. Gertrude Jane Garfunkel says:

    Me three.
    No War Bar.
    Pretty scary.

  3. Zelda says:

    Kizz, I don’t know what we should do. Besides quit spending. I’m thinking on cutting back the cable and switching to one movie on netflix. that would help out a little…cutting back.

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