Sometimes I am just Too….

Had a great night tonight. Got off work early today, came home and declared war on the houseflys in my home. First, I got out the bleach spray. Then I got out the Dyson. They never had a chance.
Seriously folks, it’s gross. And all of my clients I ask or tell about this claim to have the same problem. But here’s the deal. I don’t believe them. For some reason, I believe it’s something I have done wrong that is causing me this strife. So….I kicked their ass. collectively.

bleagh. again.

Then I got myself cleaned up and drove about 40 minutes outside of town
and ate the BEST FRIED CHICKEN AND FRIED OKRA AND OH WAIT SOME CHILI CHEESE NACHOS FOR APPETISERS and drank the coldest beer in the county and laughed until the gas bubbles in my stomach erupted!!! Oh. My God. It was fun. Me and my pseudo sisters #2 and #3 plus two clients of #2 that we’ve hung out with before an a friend of theirs.

This friend was a fella. Boy. Single. hmmmmmmmmm…..


is this a “set up” or a “looksee” or a regular ole invite for chicken? I have no clue and frankly no cares. I’m all about the company and the environment and by the way it’s my Friday night so fuck off. bring me a beer.

We laughed our way through the cardiac arrest that was before us, greasy and on wax paper pieces for plates. (it’s a brilliant gastronomic event) and we’re cracking the wise and making the funny and yes. Do you know me?? I can be loud. My laugh is….variable sometimes but when it is true and raw and from my womb…it’s loud.

So I’m chiming in with the funny, and because you all know me you know I trend towards the bawdy and this guy makes the statement that “there’s a line and you crossed it way over there. Also, yes she’s funny but that table right over there knows she is funny too.”

now, don’t paint half your face blue and get out the sword, it wasn’t like that. Just some sidebar comments. But it became clear, the more he made eye contact with me, the more that night wore on….I’m just too…..much? loud? raunchy?

just too…

I wrote a piece this week about being too…. It was in my current reading material and I ripped it out of the redhead’s hands when I inadvertantly handed it over to him. Not ready for public consumption. But I understand that I am too…

Just too…

but I guess I only saw that in my head…never in someone else’s eyes before.

and I’m not climbing on the cross that says SINGLE at the top in ancient writings. No. Not that at all. Merely stating an observation of the night.

It all goes back to one of the first pieces that I wrote and actually performed for auditions…the final line reading:

“…he’s just not ready for my brilliance.”

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7 Responses to Sometimes I am just Too….

  1. Kizz says:

    You may be too much for him but that just means that he’s too little.

  2. Zelda says:

    Ahhhhhh, there’s the comeback I needed!!!! It’s ok to share a brain, to really be one unit but sometimes the distance between our shared halves just jacks up the timing!!! love you.


  3. Gertrude Jane Garfunkel says:

    Every one already said what I was going to say…
    he is not enough.
    What a little pecker head… obtuse…blind… can’t see beauty…
    I love you. I love that you can bee load. I love to hear you laugh. I love your smile. I love your humor. I love you.
    Flick. Little pecker head.

  4. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    –adverb 1. in addition; also; furthermore; moreover:

    yes, you are also bawdy.
    furthermore, you are loud.
    moreover, you are indeed…

    complicated, also.

    And that is the problem. You aren’t meeting men that are willing to take a risk.

  5. Zelda says:

    well fuck around.

    Chrome made me cry.

  6. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    I’m sorry for what I did.

  7. Kathy says:

    Not sure if anyone will come back to read an old comment, but know that said client’s friend, in client’s opinion, was in no way prepared for the hilarity that was taking place that night over greasey chicken. Zelda was so incredibly witty and funny, my head was spinning and I was drinking COKE! Nope, some people will never be prepared to meet someone who can be THAT open, be THAT honest, be THAT passionate, in front of someone they just met. But these are the reasons that I look forward to every time I know I will get to see Misti. (Also, said client’s friend is a Republican, which puts him, AT LEAST, in the almost-a-douchebag category, yes?!)

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