Monday Monday

Was supposed to go to the dentist this morning. getting a cleaning, and my night guard so that I can finally stop the grinding of the teeth. Got a flat tire, so had to cancel and spent two hours at the tire place waiting on it to get fixed. Seriously. Got there and sent Mgirl a text at 10:12 and got back into my car at 11:59. Oy vey.

I went to eat lunch and then to Ross. I picked out some picture frames and found this cool star metal thingy for my bedroom wall and a wine rack! I was pleased. I then went to the walgreens and worked on my picture printing and putting them on a cd. Now, as of this moment, the cd is not burnt and ready to be picked up. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that there were 400 pictures on my camera. does that make a difference??? surely not, eh? oh well. They will figure it out eventually.

have been really lazy the rest of the day. had ideas bout going back to the movie, and still may peel myself up and go but it’s looking slim at this point. I have tons of fresh reading material and just want to be. Just be and prepare for the week ahead.

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