Why So Serious???


brunch consisted of a surprise visit by my two pseudo sisters and pseudo nephew along with MGirl. We ATE. We ate well. Delicious food. I also got to be a bit of a Santa to the redhead which you all know makes me giddy to give pressies. But. the best. The VERY BEST was the movie. I’m not even kidding you. yes. it was a bit long, but I didn’t care. yes I cried like a little girl during surprising bits, and laughed at the most inopportune moments. Heath is a brilliant piece of work that shall be duly missed. Christian Bale has been on my Please Have Sex With Me List since American Psycho. Halakaleem kids. I think there was a movie, some years back, where Gert and myself deemed it prudent for rapists who were needing to score to stand outside certain movie theatres and it would be a sure thing. Yes. Totally inapropriate but oh. my. god. OH MY GOD. I think I was moist throughout the ENTIRE THING. and that Batmobile! and that Batmo-cycle. Huzzuah. Shit the bed kids. I apparently have a thing for the franchise.


LORD knows I did. and am totally going again tomorrow night. with or without company. Im’ not even kidding.

and on the way out of the theatre…there was some fuckstick who I’m sure lives in his mothers basement, that was debating the pros and cons of Batman and Spiderman. I wanted to hi-HAH him in the throat.


too serious. all of them.

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3 Responses to Why So Serious???

  1. Historiclemo says:

    Besides, Batman would totally kick Spiderman’s ass.

    And speaking of asses, why does Spiderman’s webs come out of his hands? Shouldn’t they be coming out of his ass? And don’t think THAT little talent would get you laughed out of the Justice League…

  2. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    Christian Bale has been on my list since Newsies.
    True story.

  3. Gertrude Jane Kennedy Ewing says:

    Batman is all you honey. I loved the post. I laughed right outload.
    I am a Supergirl.
    Give me a man in red, white and blue tights. The man of steel. Lord imagine that… everything being steel and all.
    But the Batcave is forever a part of the ultimate sexual fantasty!

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