Sammy decided to type in todays title. and if the keyboard short circuits, it’s due to the fact that he’s laying on it drooling a little. we’ll just hope for the best, eh?

Mom was discharged from said hospital yesterday on her birthday. There is no sign of cardiac issues. Whew. I can stop playing the Miranda ep on loop now. (i realize how sick i am. seriously but there was some strange comfort there) What we don’t really know is why she is having shortness of breath and pain. There is some belief that it is gastrointestinal(which they are medicating) combined with some severe anxiety. (that last part is my diagnosis) She just needs to get the bits and pieces working again and get healthy instead of borrowing so much trouble and worry. Such as not being able to keep the boys for a few weeks and getting worked up over the fact that the Other Grandma is getting them. Like it’s a punishment for her bad behavior. Granted, the OG is an imbecile who creates drama and doesn’t really deserve a lick from any of my cats, but she is the mother of my brother in law and is, thankfully, there to pick up the slack while healing begins. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support and good joo joo. I love my life here. I hate Arkansas and the fact that my family is there. I love their life there, though because it works well for all of them. The being apart during crisis time and the fact that the brunt of the responsibility is on my sisters shoulders…STRIFE!!! fucking strife. So. thank you for easing that.

Saw an amazing show at a new theatre space last night. The Shape of Things. Not a nice little live happily ever after kind of show…but strangely enough I enjoy those kind of stories. The acting was great. The lead was amazing…very charismatic, subtle, I really couldn’t quit watching him. The theatre was started by a guy I have worked with in the past. He and his wife and a few more. Turns out the last “real” show I did, Lost in Yonkers, was with one of the founding memers as well. I saw her and we both talked a bit afterwards. She is excited for me to “get back into it” again. As am I. As. Am. I. She kept saying how different I looked. Better. Another guy, who I “know” but don’t really “know” just from seeing him on stage made quite the non subtle gesture by picking up my hand to kiss it, then dropped it and picked up my left hand, looked for a wedding ring, found none, and kissed that one. Subtle. Freakin actors. Ha. Made me really long for that community again. I feel it’s around the bend….soon.

What is that? you’re asking why the eff am I awake and blogging at such a zeldaridiculous hour? well. blame the redhead. No. No. No. Not like that. You people are dirty! We had an early morning texting session which led to me just calling it a night and getting up, making the bed and coffee in that order and about to hit the gym. I just needed one cup of java before I attempted that, ergo here i am. and here I go. To the gym. would you freaking look at that??? Skinny and gorgeous here I come…..only about a gillion more miles to run on that bastard treadmill that I love to hate!

Have just a great day, ya’ll. If you’re feeling funky, as I was this week, go over to Hysteria Lane. Look at what a best friend will do for you. Every. Single. Picture. Tells a story of something during our 25 years. I’ll splain it to you if you’re interested, but go have a cookie lookie anyhoo.

Halakaleem and Huzzuah. I love George Clooney.

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3 Responses to xsssssse

  1. Kizz says:

    You should check out some of Neil Labute’s other stuff. He’s twisted and sick and really freaking compelling, eh?

  2. Zelda says:

    yes. everything about that I liked…kind of. I will check him out.

  3. ChromePlatedGirl says:

    kizz–i just saw reasons to be pretty and loved it…it is far tamer than the other 2 shows in the “trilogy” but is quite good.

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