Strife Less

I get these little emails daily from my favorite tv preacher and today’s ditty was on avoiding or letting go of strife and walking in patience and love. Yes. I needed this. I’ve been borrowing trouble in my head with the voices lately. Just I think, all of the running and doing and going hasn’t left me with any quality time to be still and peaceful. I haven’t seen several of my people in weeks. Phone calls are getting us by. That complied with a few other things in life have had me walking knee deep in strife.

If I just let it go and breathe and believe, things always work out. I finally got paid yesterday, and made 60% commission! halakaleem!! I have been trying to eat well, eat within my points and on program and that’s been hard to do w/o much food in the house and w/o emotionally eating thru the stress but I’ve done ok. Going to weigh in today and staying for the meeting. They are never very good but it’s the emotional connection I get from it that helps. I’ve had a gain the last two weeks and baby, that is not making me happy!!!

I was worried all day yesterday about something that came up in our Salon Ed class. The company is going up on prices. Price increase for everyone. They are looking at a five dollar across the menu increase. Yes. Everything is going up. The cost of color, the cost of gas to get the supplies here, bla ba de bla ba de bla. I just got my raise/promotion to Level 4 and MY prices just went up not too long ago. I’m doing monthly education and am traveling to NYC in NINE WEEKS for more. That I believe qualifies me for more money. The economy? Well. I just don’t think I’m good enough to charge 50 bucks for a women’s hair cut right now. In another year? sure. Maybe. But they are talking about doing five bucks more for men’s too and that would bring them up to 32 dollars. THIRTY TWO DOLLARS FOR A THIRTY MINUTE MENS HAIRCUT. Can we say goodbye male clients? I guess I could start doing hair at home one night a week or something…..UGH. THIS IS STRIFE!! yes. we could all use more money. and with everything in the freaking world going up, we won’t be making any if we don’t. I’m just worried. Strife. Stuck in my craw.

Breathe in and out. Yes. Better. I know it will work itself out I will work harder and learn faster to earn that increase. I just don’t think it’s really fair to my clients. Ugh.

Yesterday I never saw my big boy cat Stormy. He didn’t come in for breakfast, and I ran home for lunch and no sign of him. I’ve learned that he’s the hunter/gather-er of the family and not to really think too much about his being gone for spans of time. But I got home last night and had this niggling in the back of my mind. . . I let it rest there for a few hours then I got up and went outside to maybe check around for him. Something caught my eye. Up. Up there. Looked up and the little asshole was ON THE ROOF OF MY HOUSE!!! Climbed up a tree next to my bedroom window and just helped himself. I just shook my head. He eventually got down the way he got up. They usually do. But what the hell??? When I was little and living in Bat Shit Crazy Town, we had a sundeck attached to our house and the cats/dogs would always get on our roof. Must be my destiny.

M’Lynn’s mom was put into the nursing home yesterday. She’s been in an assisted living center for awhile now and doing just fine on her own. Apparently we’ve turned that corner. All seems to be going fine. Since I taught her how to text awhile back, she’s been keep in touch that way. We need some serious purple pool time to talk all that out, and who knows when we’ll get it! I sent Gert an email yesterday advertising tickets for our fav Eddie Izzard in concert. Her recently back in contact friend is a vertible Ticket Master. I sent one immediately following saying that I just realized we are now in the month of July and that concert was in June. UGH.

Flying by people. Just flying by.

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  1. Kizz says:

    You ARE good enough. You just are.

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