Here I am.

I have no idea how my life got so busy. Since the 4th of July weekend in Arkansas I’ve been chasing my tail and quite frankly just being the social butterfly that we know I am. I’ve had quality time with the Wonderboy. We toured the capitol with the redhead, we’ve gone swimming, we’ve gone to eat out, we’ve played on my crappy computer some free and not so free games I downloaded for him, we saw Wall-e and Kung Fu Panda. We ate snacks and stayed up till any o’clock and watched tv and didn’t take a shower one day at all! HA! Vacation ROCKS! He didn’t give me any grief over teeth brushing, and in fact did the whole spit, cup the hands and get a drink and wipe the face bit by himself.

I’ve seen two musicals, Swing and Debbie Does Dallas, here locally. I’ve auditioned for two local theatres with callbacks for both. I’ve seen great comedy with great friends twice now. I’ve stayed up a little too late on occasion. I’ve gone back to weighing in and have sucked fat ass the last two weeks gaining a total of 3.2lbs. Which means one of these effing cats is on my ass.

I have started going back to the gym, though not this week yet as I slipped on the rainy cement and fell up some steps on Saturday night and kind of jacked up my knee. We’re letting it heal a bit before running on the treadmill. I made commission this week with today being payday. I’ve been brokedown palace scrimping all my dimes together, but made it just fine with 10 bucks to spare in my pocket!!

I’ve met some new friends thru the redhead and hung out at some new places. I’ve begun thinking about the NYC trip (which btw is the roadblock for the two shows I auditioned for. Kind of sucks misssing an actual performance. oh well next time.) I bought a weedeater that is still in the box but I have plans to open it up tonight. My dad came and cut down the monster tree that was in my front yard, and the whole block has come out to cheer and give a Halakaleem!! My neighborlady next door has offered to buy me as a housewarming gift, my very own Redbud replacement tree. We’re doing research on just the right kind and the right time to plant. I’ve decided not to build the privacy fence this summer. Just ran out of money and time. Paid off the furniture. Working on getting the two c/cards transferred to 0% interest ones and shuffling around that crap to work for me.

It seems as if there was more. And actually there is more. I have a post in my head that is circling the wagons, but it’s not fully formed yet and needs more baking time. I’ll try to be better.

Meanwhile, Huzzuah. Happy Humping Day. I love George Clooney. I’ve decided he’s the only man for me.

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2 Responses to Here I am.

  1. Kizz says:

    Whew, OK, thanks for that ’cause I was about to text you a “Marco!” and see what came back. Sounds like you’re having too good a time to be inside on the internet, that’s awesome. And how COOL is your neighbor lady, that’s such a great gift.


  2. Gertrude Jane Kennedy Ewing says:

    It seems like you could just do like we tried when we got drunk and dizzy… put your foot on the ground right? And everything will stop spinning.
    I don’t know why it is going so so so fast either. But you’re not alone.
    So glad for the few phone chats we’ve had lately.

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