The John Morgan Scholarship; or What The Hell Are You Doing With That Five Bucks Anyway?

I’ve been working on a plan for sometime now to get John’s scholarship funded. We’re so close, ya’ll. Over half way there.


We said so long to John  it seems–years ago and minutes ago.

johnI keep going over memories and stories and photos, wondering what the best way is to make this ask, to say, “Please help me honor this man that I loved so deeply. Please help me honor this friend who touched our lives so profoundly. Please help me continue his legacy of his love for words” 1533813_10203198128055464_1314524976_n

I have a donor who will match your gift up to $100.

I will also match your gift up to $100

I think if we all threw in $20 or so, we could get this thing up and running in time to designate and award next year.

1554513_10203201111450047_898786613_nNext year is the 100th anniversary of the USAO Alumni Association and wouldn’t it be lovely for the first John Morgan Scholarship to be awarded during that homecoming weekend? 1549463_10203518478112185_1326097273_n

Say yes.

Say yes to John, and his goofy grin.

Say yes to education, and to a student who needs financial support.

Say yes to USAO, this place that for a moment in time held us all in the palm of it’s hands and created magical friendships.

Say yes.

On this Father’s Day, help me to honor the life of my friend, my soul connection, and the greatest man who could fart on command that I ever knew. 10155766_10203518483112310_432493943_n

If you want to send a check please mail to

USAO Alumni Association
1727 W. Alabama
Chickasha, OK 73018
Designate the
Johnny Lee Morgan, Sr. Scholarship

Or on-line:
Designate the
Johnny Lee Morgan, Sr. Scholarship



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3 Responses to The John Morgan Scholarship; or What The Hell Are You Doing With That Five Bucks Anyway?

  1. Sarah says:

    I think that was a perfectly nice way to remind us of a worthy cause. We can only help a bit until the job fairy arrives, but if we all put our little bits together . . .

  2. Roger Drummond says:

    Hi Misti,

    Sorry I took so long but I made a contribution today. This is a great idea. John helped so many people while he was alive, now his memory can continue to help students far into the future. Thank you for setting this up. Please let me know how close you are to meeting your goals. I can contribute more later.


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