Fall Kiss

What is it about that first taste of Fall that automatically springs me forward into a combination restful/creative mode? I know the temps are going back into the 90’s this week, but oh this weekend.

We had no plans, no obligations. We had a perfect bike date night Friday, spending time with friends, laughing. We got in some live music, followed by a full day of lazy and good food.

This morning I had a little pinon on the fire pit to go with my morning coffee. What is it about that smell that just sends me? I love it.

On a whole, the we got what we needed out of this weekend.

It has been blissful.

Today it’s really about getting some things done. I’m still not caught up on laundry and chores from the vacation-re-entry last week. Apparently, I have no urgency to get it finished either.

I’ve got windows open, music playing. I’ve caught up on the internet and news. Watched all of my CBS Sunday morning eps in the DVR and have plans to celebrate a late birthday with a bourbon tasting/late lunch with Trish this afternoon. Other than making sure I’ve got some clean clothes to wear to work, that’s all I’m doing today.

Hoping your weekend has been blissful, too.

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