Away From The Things of Man

The one thing that kept me moving forward through the crazy that has been July, was knowing that Mark and I were taking off without anyone else and heading to the mountains. It seemed like eons ago when we planned it, and boom! Just like that we leave tomorrow.

I need this respite.

I need to get away and to completely check out.

I cannot take in one more piece of news, personal or global.

I cannot take on one more word of the outrage. All outrage. From those I agree with and those that I don’t. I cannot stand this vitriolic energy that has been the world these past few months, brewing into a frothy frenzy of hate and darkness. I love social media, you all know that I do, but I cannot stand one more persons opinion, one more person jumping at the chance to argue a point, one more persons name calling…I cannot. Even for those points I agree with. I just cannot.

I cannot take the tragedy, personal and global. Not a day has gone by since July 1st that hasn’t had some form of loss or news of loss and I ache from the weight of it.

So I’m checking out. I’m unplugging and tuning out. I’m taking devices, yes. But I’m turning off the work phone and leaving it at home. I’m loading up podcasts and music and making a conscious effort to stay off the social media grid.

Our house sitter is all set, we are checking things off of our list tonight and tomorrow,  in the early morning hours, my husband and I will take off to the mountains.

Away from the things of man.


And it will be glorious.

I’ll see you on the other side.


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4 Responses to Away From The Things of Man

  1. Historiclemo says:

    braincloud, be gone.

  2. SP says:

    “I’m losing my sole… ”
    Everything about this makes me smile. Except the hurting part.

  3. Sarah says:

    Everyone needs these times. Enjoy.

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