One Day At A Time

It’s a cliche, I know but that’s how we’ve been operating this week. One piece of information at a time, one more test, one more day. Mom and Burl are still here, they left early this morning for the hospital. We expect the results from the biopsy and other tests back today and that will determine the origin of Tim’s cancer and staging, that will inform the plan of action.

The cancer found in the brain, looks to be melanoma and they are scheduling radiation asap. So, forward motion. One day.

Today however, is a big one. So keep the thoughts and prayers coming won’t ya?

Taryn & Co arrive today. They’ll stay for the day/night. Bring Burl some more clothes and medications and take mom back home tomorrow. Beyond that, we’re just kind of waiting.

I went to the hospital for just a bit on my lunch yesterday and took them food. Tim had just got some better news so was feeling relieved. I’ll go back up this afternoon/evening.

So we are grateful for the good news that radiation begins asap.

We are grateful that MD Anderson will still take a patient who has started radiation elsewhere.

We are grateful for the faces of family around us.

We are grateful for one more day.

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3 Responses to One Day At A Time

  1. Kizz says:

    A lot to be grateful for. Hope there’s more to come! xo

  2. Cindy says:

    Getting a plan of action is so dang helpful and such a relief. Here’s to better days ahead.

  3. tammie says:

    thinking about you and your family , love you , yaya

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