Oh Happy Day


I feel more thankful for this weekend, and I’m not even into it yet. Sitting here in my gym clothes and sipping my coffee and watching the news, I am overcome with relief and joy and anticipation at a weekend with ZERO OBLIGATIONS. I haven’t had, WE haven’t had a free weekend in the last 8-9 weeks. Seriously.

There’s no work, no wedding, no Depot shows, no reunions or college board meetings or trips to anywhere but for the grocery store. I’m happy for it.

Much has been accomplished this week. For myself and my tribe. A lot of changes, both immediate and on the precipice and I feel like they’re all really good. The wedding is coming along nicely, with decisions and choices and purchases and contracts signed sealed and delivered.

This weekend is for whatever we want. The weather isn’t going to be horrible, rainy and overcast, but no snow. HELLO BUFFALO!!! Holy crikey for those guys, yes? We’re going to do some more house cleaning, look into Christmas decorations and moving stuff into and out of the attic. There will be chicken soup per Mark’s request and there will be rest. Blessed, holy rest.

Happy Friday to you!

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  1. Lynn says:

    and wine. I insist.

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