Getting Real

Things get real today.

Back to the office, gathering up the bits I have from working at home and settling back into my routine. It’s as if last week was just a black hole.

A black hole of casserole and memory and puppies and tears and laughter and connection.

I know there are real issues that must be addressed, cleaning out MeMe’s house, the “things” the leftover “things” the actual property…But the siblings have a plan for that I think and will work through it in due time. The Cousins have all departed, taking what they can. Plants, bathroom clocks, rolling pins. The biggest relief is that MeMe’s cat, Mary Jane (who is slightly cross-eyed) got re-homed. Cousin Autumn drove her back to Denton, Texas and has a friend who will give her the best home.

Our family is big on love and even bigger on loving our animals. So we were all broken at the thought of poor MJ losing her mama, then being relegated to the garage because her home was invaded by dogs and people, but to think of her just being lost…blergh. None of us could stand it. So kudos to Autumn. She saved MJ’s life!

The cousins stayed with us this weekend before they flew out.  Jerome here on Saturday night and left about 4 am Sunday. Patrick and Toni came in yesterday afternoon and left early this morning. Everyone is getting back to life. 

We are so thankful that we can say, “see you in a few months!”

That’s the saving grace when things get real.

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2 Responses to Getting Real

  1. Sarah says:

    I am glad you could be with the family and cousins – there is healing in that

  2. Kizz says:

    Whew! Glad that plans are in progress.

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