Shopping for others

Sister and I loaded up this morning and headed out to see if there were any deals left from the masses last night.

We have four foster children’s wish list that we were shopping for. There is a 75 dollar limit so ideally getting some of those über discounted items would allow for us to get things they want and things they they need. A bike for the four year old boy who also wanted a Thomas train set. An art set And an easel and a craft set. A CD player alarm clock and the makeup mirror. Everyone got a winter coat and gloves and some pj’s too. And we didn’t go over our limit.

I’m thankful today that we didn’t have to choose between wishes, that we could make all of them come true and them some.

I like this crazy shopping day. I know four kiddos who will like it in about three weeks.

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2 Responses to Shopping for others

  1. JRH says:

    I was telling my Mom about this tradition… we are both jealous. Nice work, the both of you.

  2. Kizz says:

    Wow, that is some great shopping (and the comment above is high praise from 2 generations of REALLY good shoppers) and I love that you didn’t have to choose between wants and needs!

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