Fun Was Had

Last night was Maggie aka PseudoSis3’s bachelorette party in Bricktown. It was a room full of faces that I love, laughter and watching Maggie work the room, looking stunning it suddenly dawned on me.

Maggie is getting married.



Watching her open the many gifts, including the fun naughty bag of treats provided by moi, in front of her future mother in law was worth it all. Answering her fun Newlywed questions “boxer or brief? —I dunno his mom does his laundry”was maybe my favorite line of the night. 

I look forward to the most fabulous of ceremonies. I still don’t have a dress/accessories and am having some major anxiety over that *another post for another day* but I seriously can’t wait. Michelle asked me last night about celebrating my birthday and I said, really I haven’t got any plans. I’m just focused on the wedding and then HER 40th at the end of the month which will be so fun!

I’m thankful that these women are in my life. I’m thankful for the people that they brought to mine. I’m so much better for knowing them and being loved by them.

However…I may never drink gin again.




NaBloPoMo November 2013

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  1. PseudoSis1 says:

    Fun times had, awesome memories made. We are about to rock this!

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