What A Difference A Year Makes

Today we brought my grill, my bike, patio umbrella and stand and some other bits to the Norman house. July 27th will be the official Moving Day complete with the hired truck and if I have my way, hired movers. I’m hoping there isn’t much of the big stuff to move, as it will all be sold the weekend previous at my giantass garage sale. But that’s a horse of another feather.

We set up the grill and Mark did some magical manly grill cleaning and futzing and voila! It’s in the perfect place. Home. He’s aired up the tires on my bike and tested the brakes and gears etc. We made homemade ice cream in our new maker. MeMe Mid’s recipe and it just tastes like a memory. We have some outdoor games, washers, bean bag toss and some ball flicking things.

The food is all prepped and ready for the grill, and I’m taking a quiet minute before I get in the shower and the whole family arrives. We shall eat, play and then go to the park and watch some fireworks!

This time last year, I was spending the day putzing around my house, then spent a few hours with friends that night, no fireworks, no ice cream. And that was fine. I liked my life last year. A real lot.

But this year…this year it feels like home. I love it.

A real lot.


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2 Responses to What A Difference A Year Makes

  1. Cindy says:

    Enjoy the day. Swim in it until your fingers get pruney.

  2. suz kelley says:

    Cherish the firsts.
    After 14 years together I still remember the first night we spent together in our first house. We were exhausted and laying on the bed which was a Queen if you can imagine THAT! And he rolled over and said “Hey Suzie, this is OUR bed in OUR first home together.”
    It meant the world to me to be building a life with someone. And I can see it does to you too. BLESSINGS to you and sweet Mark…

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