We began spotlighting our cast members on our blog. Have you met Amy or Erika or Suzanne yet? Three great women with stories that are so good you just almost cant STAND IT!!!

Our ticket sales are steady. Do you have yours yet? It’s easy. It’s online. We’re not even printing paper tickets, so go here and get yours! Get some for your friends and sisters and moms and babysitters and aunts and uncles and brothers and husbands and boyfriends and daughters and sons and…you get it right? Go get your tickets.

Our sponsors are helping out with their amazing sponsorships. Have you been to Sara Sara Cupcakes yet? Go in and thank them for their help bringing our show to OKC, won’t ya?

We wouldn’t be able to do this thing without your support, so THANK YOU!!! Keep banging that drum! Keep sharing the blog posts and telling everyone you know about it! We’re in the final haul and this is the time to reinforce our energy and forge on!


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